Top 12 Banggood Brands

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Top 12 Banggood Brands

What are the Top 12 Banggood Brands?

Banggood has more than 100 brands on our website. And we all know the power of band.

We have been working hard to provide products with high quality and good reputation.

I believe our customers will not just think of price when looking for a product, but also take quality and durability.

As I learn from our customers` shopping behavior that good brand products are always more popular than non-brand products for them.

There are some reasons why we call it a good brand. The biggest reason is its good quality and great function.

Here are the top 12 brands available on Banggood, they are also top sellers.

01. Xiaomi

02. Huawei

03. Umi


05. Eachine

06. Blitzwolf

07. EKEN

08. Broadlink


10. Ulefone

11. Onda

12. Oppo

Top of the top brands


What is it? One of the most largest smartphone makers in world.

Established in 2010, Xiaomi aims to provide high quality electronic products with affordable prices to their customers.

What they sell? Xiaomi is famous for its smartphones.

Besides, Xiaomi has been launching other smart devices such as a smart wristband, action camera, Wi-Fi router and even laptop.

Xiaomi has become the industry killer since it offers competitive prices to other products.

And it`s also an international phenomenon with millions of fans around the world.

We reviewed the Xiaomi Miband 2. Check the detail now.


What is it? Huawei is one of the top 500 companies in the world.

Located in China, Huawei has been rising to become a globally recognizable brand over the last 10 years.

The company is the 3rd biggest smartphone brand in the world now, with an 8.3 percent market share.

What they sell? Huawei is famous for it`s smartphones. Fashionable and durable, no one will say no to such a nice phone.

Also, earphones, Wi-Fi routers, smart watches and other smart gadgets.


What is it? It is a new band for RC toys, such as quadcopter and FPV drone. It`s new but it`s rising very fast.

The Eachine drones are priced from $13 to $250.

You can find a suitable drone for yourself or your friends no matter you are a beginner or a good pilot.

What they sell? Eachine H8 is one of the most popular drones for a long time, it is still now.

The mini size and super low price are the most attractive reasons why RC fans love it.

It`s also a great gift for the kids, safe, cheap and funny.

Eachine Racer 250 is a great FPV drone even for professional RC fans.

Real-time image transmission, automatic search frequency, snowflakes screen, bulit-in OSD, what else can you expect for a $110 FPV drone?

We have a review on the Eachine Racer 250, click to know about it more.

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Post on April 02,2017 08:47#3
Mx android box are mind blow out
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Post on April 02,2017 08:50#4
You can't deal without tv you need to geat one
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Post on April 10,2017 04:17#5
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Post on April 11,2017 13:33#6
Xiaomi has to be in the top three for me great products @ low prices great for my pockets
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Post on July 22,2017 04:59#7
if I have to pick from list eachine I have a few of their items and have learned a lot from them and got the fun I was looking for
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Post on August 23,2017 00:38#8
Xiaomi possui excelentes produtos. alta qualidade
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