How to pay maintenance fee at

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Post on February 18,2017 05:20#1


I've just received a message about my mobile phone : 

Please pay the maintenance fee to this account

How should I do?



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Post on February 19,2017 20:58#2

Hi, we have talked about the fee amount via emails.

Please search in Paypal and pay for the maintenance fee.

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Post on April 08,2018 16:18#3
you send me a mail that said: Thank you for your reply regarding order 46153614.  If you would like resending, we need to charge the expedited shipping fee of [ MXN 82.31]. Please pay the shipping fee of [ MXN 82.31 ] to our PayPal account:, HOW DO I PAY THE SHIPPING FEE??
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Post on November 09,2018 17:24#4
ma una volta inviato a, pay pal cosa rilascia un id?
dove lo trovo questo id?
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