order not arrived

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Post on February 17,2017 13:30#1
ARILUX™ AL-SL02 Wireless Solar Powered 20 LED Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light Order No:22599162
order has not arrived yet..
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Post on March 04,2017 00:57#2
Quote: bridorand Post on February 17,2017 13:30 order has not arrived yet..

so sorry for all the inconvenience. 

Sometimes, it will be delayed by customs, logistics and your local post office.
Could you please be so kind to go to local post office for more checking? Because in many cases, the parcel already arrived but the logistics information is delayed to update.
If you still didn't find your parcel, please contact us:  http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111,we may arrange the re-sending or refund as you like. Thanks

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