Not Shipping LIPO Batteries to Canada??

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Post on January 21,2017 14:41#1


Are you no longer shipping LIPO batteries to Canada? Please advise. Thanks.

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Post on January 22,2017 20:08#2
Hi, we can not ship Lipo battery to Canada at the moment. We are working on it now and we will solve the problem soon.
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Post on January 22,2017 20:37#3
Is the problem a technical or logistics issue ?
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Post on January 31,2017 03:26#4
I had a Lipo order for the UK and got contacted to say they had no way to ship it to me and needed to refund the order, so it's not just Canada. Perhaps they have an issue sending them with their existing courier. Hobby King were able to deliver a Lipo to me, although at a slightly higher price than BangGood
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Post on February 02,2017 16:57#5

Every country is having problems with LiPos.  It's now an International agreement that LiPos can only be shipped on specific flights, not on passenger planes and shipped in special fire and blast proof containers. Owing to the dangerous nature of LiPos and a few scares the commercial aviation boys decided to change regulations.  Sadly they didn't look into the logistics too well and negotiations are taking place to ratify the regulations. This has been going on for a few years now, hopefully they'll get them sorted out and allow them to be carried again.  At the moment it's a matter of grab them where you can.  Unfortunately people are taking advantage of the situation and charging ridiculous prices for them.  There is a very large Hobby company with warehouses in many countries but it would be unethical to post their info here.  Most hobbyists already know anyway.

So be patient and shop around for decent prices.  They won't be as good as BangGood's prices but their hands are tied and they just can't ship them until someone removes digit and get's things sorted out.

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Post on September 30,2017 12:26#6
Can't they send batteries by ship?  The length of time orders seem to take to come from China I figured they were coming by ship anyway.
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Post on October 03,2017 02:21#7
Actually I think the problem could be worse when carried by a ship. The problem is that LiPos are subject to being squashed and the innards coming in contact with air. The containers used on ships are much larger than the airline bins and should a box of LiPos be on the bottom of the container there's a good chance that it could be damaged. Imagine one of them deciding to erupt inside a container filled with who knows what. Not only would they lose the container, but the entire ship could be lost. 

Why special shipping for Lithium based batteries can't be arrived at I don't know. OK it may cost a little more to ship, but it would be worth it. One hobby company does send massive shipments of LiPos all over the world to their warehouses, but I think that could be by ship. They do it because they have a complete container and if they lost the lot, that's their problem.  Mind you they do take precautions with the packing of the LiPos so that nothing is likely to fall on them or they come adrift and roll around inside the container.  Those precautions couldn't be done with ordinary parcel post I imagine. 

I just wish somebody in authority would tell us exactly what they're doing to ensure safe shipping.  All we know is the shipping to certain countries is banned. Except if the batteries are shipped by the most expensive shipping company known as DHL. But they can do it as they have their own cargo planes.
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Post on October 04,2017 03:33#8
It's a legal issue, customs! I Live in us, and they have to, if travel by air, have lipo secure inside of example, (quad) cannot be on inside of or byself,, or too big,, ie. Power full, purchased Hero550 another co. Same rules apply, unless mark falsely or not found inside customs check, , anyways getting back to the order for heri550, waited almost 2weeks, then iquiered cuz had not shipped, found out quad wouldn't be allowed to ship despite the fact that there was no warning or notice posted on and again this is a competitor website I was so angry I mean after waiting already 2 weeks I was really excited cuz I don't know if you seen that hero 550 it's it's it's his boss man it's a big boy I have one already from Amazon but it the person that sold it to me through that I thought got over on me come to find out he just marked it down by 4000 milliamps the battery that comes with it isn't all the way up to attend thousand milliamp battery and that's what comes with it standard and so he Market 6000 anyway like I said it's not anything they're doing it's between your country Customs and China or rather the regulations for travel because lipos can obviously get chemically imbalanced and cause lots of damage as if you've phone enough quadcopters and been around long enough the smallest tiniest one cell battery can do it bring down a plane I would imagine her at least cause a huge smoke God willing it will never happen but in this crazy-ass world we live in just like in the US where I stay Las Vegas Massacre just happened two nights ago insane well I hope that answer your question anyway sorry if I went off on a tangent yeah when I found out why I was kind of frustrated too and I just had to get over it some companies will bend a little bit more like banggood they will fight to be able to send you certain things that sometimes legally cannot be but they will not blatantly break the law understandably so just bear with him order through Amazon or Ebay Maybe because they're not nearly as far as if they're in a country or continent as per your country of origin then it's not a big issue because it'll go ground effect if it has to take care
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Post on October 08,2018 00:57#9
The best place to get reasonably priced QUALITY lipos in canada is probably Hobby Wholesale. If you are looking for very reasonably priced batteries but not the top quality then China Hobby Line has a US warehouse and they will ship to canada from there. Deals are great especially for batteries that arent race quad spec
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