Banggood Viral Products

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Banggood Viral Products

What Are Viral Products

Like 2 years ago, nobody use a USB cable organizer, some call it wire mount holder,

even we have a few USB devices on the table with their cables messing together.

But now the USB cable holder is popular.

Many people would love to have one on their table and make the cables in good order. It`s a viral product now.

We just collected some viral products from our website. Some of them are useful, some of them are funny.
But they are becoming popular for different reasons.
Come and check now, you may have a big laugh at some, or maybe you will find something interesting and useful.

If you see any other viral products on our website, post the product name and its picture here.

About Our Viral Products

These products may look new and wired for you. But they can bring you great fun and surprises.

The vampire blood drinking bag looks scary for you at the first sight,right?
In the product pictures, you can see the blood in different colors with tag telling you the blood type.
But don`t worry, it`s up to you to put whatever drink into the bag as you like.
The atmosphere will just be the right point as you hold a bag of blood in your hand and drink it in a Halloween party or a masquerade.

The blood bag will also be great fun for kids since the wired drinking style will make them happy.
The head basketball hoop may sound silly or a little bit crazy for you but it`s worth playing, especially with your kids.
Put the basket on your head and ask your kid to pitch the little plastic balls to the hood.
It`s great interactive for you and your kid. You can award him according to the balls that pitched into the hood.
Kids will like to play this simple but funny game with their friends. Or you can train your dog with it.
You may concern about the safety, but I can assure you that the balls are safe since they are small and soft.
They will not hurt your kids.

Banggood Viral Products

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