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Post on August 31,2016 21:48#1

Hi outdoor fans, welcome to the Banggood forum active outdoor group.

I believe you guys have a lot of outdoor experience with those outdoor gadgets.

Come on guys, show us some outdoor pictures or videos with the awesome outdoor tools, especially those ordered from our website.

If you post and pictures or videos with some words description in this group, you can enter our Monthly Best Post Event.

We will choose 4 winners per month.

If you have any questions about our product, you can post in the product page and the sales assistant will help you ASAP.
If it`s a general question, just post in this group.
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Post on June 13,2017 09:32#2
Have a nice day.
I apologize, I did not understand.
Can you produce (sew) a tent 600 cm X 600 cm = 32² or 600 cm X 800 cm = 48² flat, (without rings and metal constructions) in white or silver color and waterproof?
If yes. Please reply me directly to my email: s_lois@otenet.gr
I am not trying to bypass BANGGOOD, but I will have a more immediate answer.
I hope for a positive answer at an ideal cost so I can order it quickly.
I prefer the big dimension, 48 ²
If I tired of you, sorry.
Sotirios Lois
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Post on December 09,2017 10:03#3
como comprar bangood e pagar com saldo EBANX

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Post on April 29,2018 13:13#4
حالة طلباتى  وحالة الشحن
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