!!!Explain why you cannot refund for cancel orders!!!

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Post on January 10,2014 00:18#1

I canceled the order of 1365737 and 1365738. Those are split from one order over USD26 worth products, expecting getting the tracking. It turned out to be impossible because the order has split to two automatically, which I do not have any responsibility. Then I canceled the orders. But the money was not refunded and got the message below.


Sorry to bother you here.

For the refund of the order 1365738,our accountant just noticed me that your account has a little problem,so you will do not get the refund successfully.Could you please check your account or do you have another account which can get the refund?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


I will get the money back from Paypal by explaining the situation, so it will not be a problem. I need to ask you the below items to clarify the situation and let everyone know how to handle it when it happens to them.

1. Explain the reason and situation of "little problem of the account" here.

2. Explain why you cannot refund the money when Paypal dispute or claim is open, which happened to me previously. I had a talk with Paypal cervice center and they said that such a thing would never happen and Banggood could refund it anytime they wanted. After explaining those to Banggood cervice person, the money was immediately refunded. I wonder if I did close the dispute or claim according to your request, what would have happened to me. If I close the case of Paypal, I will never be able to open dispute or claim again. Would you explain why you requested me such things? It happened to me twice BTW.

I don't think you were not going to refund the money, but if it comes to system difficulty or trouble, Banggood tends to avoid the problem.

Regarding this split order, I really faced very bad attitude from your chat person. She just hang up on me during the chat while asking about the order situation. Do you know how to handle the business and customer?

And you should not state "free shipping with tracking over USD25", better to state over USD25 "from the same warehouse" which we never know where they are. I used to get tracking no. even with the split orders for each from the chat persons. You should give them the trackings as you promised USD25 rule.

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Post on January 10,2014 00:44#2

Dear mitsu, for the orders 1365737 and 1365738, I am so sorry that your paypal account is not able to accept any refund at the moment. Please kindly go to your local paypal company to have a check.

As the item SKU098913 is not the same warehouse with other items and it will be sent separately. We are willing to offer you the track number for order 1365737 and the order 1365738 will be sent without track number. Is that OK for you?

So sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

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Post on January 10,2014 01:06#3

I have already cantact Paypal. They said Banggood can refund anytime they want. It is not Paypal problem, but your problem. You are the one who should cantact Paypal to solve your problem. I had the same kind of situation for more than 2 times with you and they were all your problems. I also report these correspondings to Paypal when I escalate it to claim.

As I have already cleared about the tracking situation, I NEED tracking info for every single package as I had bad experiences without tracking information. I will buy from other shop who can support the tracking without this kind of uncomfortable experience.

Give me back the money immediately. You don't have any rights to tell me what to do. Refund it today, now

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Post on January 10,2014 01:16#4

This is how Banggood treat customers. They just say sorry and do not try to solve their own problem.

They are not even willing to refund the money for the canceled order.

Why does Paypal have a trouble of refunding the money? Simply a lie. You lie when you cannot solve problems.

This is what I was tailing about from the first place. 3 times out of 6, 7 orders.

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Post on January 10,2014 01:51#5
Dear mitsu, we have refunded you $26.88 and the transaction number is 5P359346HD6291323, please kindly check your account in 48 hours. Thank you so much.
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Post on January 10,2014 02:01#6

Why don't you explain the reason of "not possible to refund due to paypal issue"?

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Post on January 10,2014 02:04#7

It is very funny that Banggood never refund till the problem got complicated.

Here I got the refund, it seems not to be a Paypal problem at all.

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Post on January 12,2014 21:50#8
Dear mitsu, have a nice day.
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Post on February 15,2015 15:47#9
Hi, I wanted to know when I get my money back, I had an address error of two articles:
Order Number: 4871393 and Order Number: 4863790
Please it very quickly I am a very good customer.
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Post on February 15,2015 20:53#10
Dear Empresa, for the order 4871393 and 4863790, I have arranged to refund you €35.13 and €14.95, please kindly check your account in 48 hours. Thank you so much.
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