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Bugs sometimes occur on our website. No matter if it is a system error or a grammar mistake, please tell us. 

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Win A COUPON By Writing A Review In The Forum or Product Page

How to enter?

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{Guess & Giveaway}Which spinners last to the end? Reply & Take your Doogee Mix!

We got 6 interesting spinners to do a test, and which one will spin longest?

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#Banggood around the world #Have a shoot with Banggood


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#Giveaway# Optimus or Megatron?Share and Win a Robot!

The movie Transformers 5 is hitting on the screen. What 's your favorite robot? it can be the character in the Transformer or any movie or animation. Share with us your favorite robots, and youwill get a chance to win get this 4 in 1 cute DIY robot.

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{Event Ended}What Would You Put in Your Cart if Given $100?

With too many things in your shopping cart waiting to be submitted, procrastinate of shopping might let you miss some practical products might lead you a better life. How about show us your shopping cart and let us pay for you?  

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Join Our Banggood Review Club And Get Free Samples

Get freebies and review them! We will send products to you for free if you can post our products on popular channels and get great interaction.

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{Event Ended} Giveaway Tell & Win What`s Your Favorite Brand

We are planning to launch a new Brand Discovery page on 2.13.2017. 

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{Event Ended} Receba Produtos Grátis da Banggood para fazer Review

Opa! Tem promoção bem bacana na área para Youtubers e Facebookers (é assim que chama?)! Estamos oferecendo grátis uma série de produtos para que vocês possam publicar Reviews e Unboxing sobre eles. Como todas as instruções estão em inglês, vou explicar tudo direitinho aqui em português para ficar mais fácil. Se liga:

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