The Most Interesting Gadget You Can Find on Banggood! Reply & Win

Still trying to figure out what present you should choose for the cool friends? The struggle is real. Take this interesting product list and you'll have your answer picked out in no time at all!

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{Event Ended}How Much Will the NEW Doogee MIX2 Cost? Guess & Win

The Doogee MIX 2 is coming soon, can you correctly guess the presale price and win the phone?

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Spot A Bug? Report It & Win Awesome Coupons

Bugs sometimes occur on our website. No matter if it is a system error or a grammar mistake, please tell us. 

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Win A COUPON By Writing A Content In The Forum or Product Page

Make an interesting post in the forum Guides, Tests & Reviews section or product page (Questions & Comments section),

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#Nerf or Nothing! Nerf Toys GIVEAWAY! What's Your Favourite Nerf Toys?

The hot toys nerf are in the new promotion campaign now.

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{Event Ended}#Giveaway# Optimus or Megatron?Share and Win a Robot!

The movie Transformers 5 is hitting on the screen. What 's your favorite robot? it can be the character in the Transformer or any movie or animation. Share with us your favorite robots, and youwill get a chance to win get this 4 in 1 cute DIY robot.

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{Event Ended}What Would You Put in Your Cart if Given $100?

With too many things in your shopping cart waiting to be submitted, procrastinate of shopping might let you miss some practical products might lead you a better life. How about show us your shopping cart and let us pay for you?  

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Free Spinners for you!Write a Review & Take it Home!

They are More than 40 spinner in the video ,some of them is music spinner ,some is colorful spinner some is Stainless steel gyro ,some is tumbler,and ,many other useful and funny spinners ,USB and so on

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{Event Ended} WIN A DOOGE SMARTPHONE!! Which spinners last to the end?

Our anniversary is on now and we're giving you the chance to take away the popular Doogeee smartphone. It has an ultra thin beizel and loaded with the latest Android. All you need to do is tell us, what spinner will spin the longest. If you get it right you will be in the draw to win.

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