How to choose Propellers :3 Blades VS 2 Blades ?Wooden or Plastic?

This tutorial aim to help you understand the basic of propeller and i will keep updating for any other parts...

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Things sure have changed.

I have deleted this post. If Banggood won't help me then why should I help them?

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How long does it take an item to arrive?

Hey, I just bought a JJRC H6C Quadcopter from this website! I am really happy about the price and everything...

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Measure BLDC thrust by household thing.

This video tells how to measure thrust of any BLDC Motor with the available thing at home/workshop/lab. View full video...

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RC Transitter & Receiver

RC Transmitter & ReceiverA Controller with transimitter and receiver,usually hand-held one,is neccessary to your RC playing.Like most RC parts,it has...

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Eachchine just dropped out of the air.

Flying my Eachine 250 yesterday, I was hovering when it just literally fell out of the sky. Luckily no physical...

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Noisy servo winch

Hi there I bought a servo winch W 4505 4T As soon as I connect it on any channel on...

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30A ESC BLHeli_S 2-5S Dshot600

Hola mi nombre es Jesus hace un mes o así adquirí de Banggood un drone wizard x220s al tercer...

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Will Banggod be shipping lipo batteries to Canadain the future.

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