Eachine NEW FPV goggles!

Hi I would like to see a NEW design of FPV goggles from Eachine. The EV800 work great but kinda...

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AKK Tech CA20, X1P, TS5828, LR2 - FPV components group test, comparison and review

This would be the group review, test and comparison for the following AKK FPV components:1. AKK CA20 FPV camera2. AKK...

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Up air one indoor

Hello I would like to know if my Up Air one drone can fly inside and if so how to...

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Unable to setup the Irangex IRX4 with Turnigy 9xr pro and orange reciver

Hi I am new to this RC world. I have recently bought a Turnigy 9xr pro with Irangaex 4in1 module....

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X1 VTX (40 Ch, switchable 25/200/600mw power)

Hi, guys. I would say it's the best VTX in this price, you can get it for only $21.99 in...

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emax rallegra 2205

Hi I wanted to know if the replacement engine Bell emax rs2205S also rs2205 engine thank you Samuel

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partnership request

I have a partnership with you, to my YouTube channel because I really like your product mainly tanks and...

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Please kind friends stock the Dynam P-47!

I am a big fan of buying planes at BG. Fast shipping and the best price anywhere. I have...

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Eachine QX70 firmware

Can the firmware in this quadcopter be upgraded using cleanflight?

Posted 8 days ago   by Paul Latest reply: _oi5_ 06/19/2017 Views:152 Replies:1
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