How long does it take an item to arrive?

Hey, I just bought a JJRC H6C Quadcopter from this website! I am really happy about the price and everything...

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How to choose Propellers :3 Blades VS 2 Blades ?Wooden or Plastic?

This tutorial aim to help you understand the basic of propeller and i will keep updating for any other parts...

Posted 11 months ago   by DonyBG Latest reply: mchaves 04/27/2018 Views:1481 Replies:9

Measure BLDC thrust by household thing.

This video tells how to measure thrust of any BLDC Motor with the available thing at home/workshop/lab. View full video...

Posted 11 months ago   by bhavik_fpv Latest reply: Treblig 12/28/2017 Views:569 Replies:7

RC Transitter & Receiver

RC Transmitter & ReceiverA Controller with transimitter and receiver,usually hand-held one,is neccessary to your RC playing.Like most RC parts,it has...

Posted 10 months ago   by DonyBG Latest reply: kamlesh 11/02/2017 Views:596 Replies:2

bat qx 105 flysky

HelloI am looking for the cli dump original for the bat qx105 flysky version. because after some settings, i...

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Warning about purchasing from "US" warehouse - DOES NOT EXISTS

After making several purchases from the US warehouse site and speaking with others that live in US and also purchased...

Posted 12 days ago   by Sarcoise Latest reply: Sarcoise 06/12/2018 Views:334 Replies:2

Hubsan H501S Stock Camera Upgrade

hey guys, I was wondering if i was able to upgrade the stock FPV camera on the Hubsan H501s because...

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melted servo xk k120

Posted 26 days ago   by PinoySpecial Views:51 Replies:0

Cheerson CX-20 Motor Problem

I have only flown my cheers cx-20 auto pathfinder one time with a one minor fall. Now when I go...

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