AKK Tech CA20, X1P, TS5828, LR2 - FPV components group test, comparison and review

This would be the group review, test and comparison for the following AKK FPV components:1. AKK CA20 FPV camera2. AKK...

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AKK Technology FPV Kameras (A2, S2 & KC02) // Vorstellung & Test

AKK KC02 , A2, S2 as followed

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Car Power Converter BY GORAN HRISTOVSKI1

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Car Power Converter BY GORAN HRISTOVSKI1

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Banggood scam

I purchased an eachine 250 pro and 2 Zop batteries for 236.61. Banggood sends me an FPV camera and 3...

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Мультикоптер Нибиру50


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Battery connector types

I have a new UDIRC U818A HD+, which came with two (2) batteries with white, 4-pin connectors.  I bought six...

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RC UDI U818A (1)

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RC UDI U818A (1)

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ПРИ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЯХ ПОЗВОНОЧНИКА. Позвоночник выполняет опорную функцию тела. Без него нельзя двигаться нормально, даже стоять....

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