API OpenCart/woocommerce

Please need API for OpenCart or WooCommerce. How to connect? 

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How to be a Banggood dropshipper to enjoy more awesome discount and benifit

To all Already a dropshipper? Want to start a busniness? Join Banggood dropshipping for free! If you are thinking about boosting...

Posted 34 months ago   by jessica Latest reply: JohnCambellsp 10/26/2018 Views:24663 Replies:10

Affiliate points to banggood wallet (BGpay)

I think it would be nice if you would allow us to withdraw affiliate points to banggood wallet (BGpay). That...

Posted 7 months ago   by marshal Latest reply: azlon 06/21/2018 Views:610 Replies:3

Dropship module to import items .csv

Someone to know how could i get a module for prestashop or similar, to adapt the .csv file from Banggood...

Posted 59 months ago   by pichiniki Latest reply: kabuto7812 06/03/2018 Views:8846 Replies:7

advertising URLS

I am an affliate of Banggood,com   My affliate url is       http://www.banggood.com?p=WL2504207536201306OF  I am unable to advertise...

Posted 17 months ago   by Raj Latest reply: yaronbal 05/24/2018 Views:337 Replies:6

Banggood product CSV into Shopify?

Can someone help me with a tool that will assist me in importing Banggood inventory into my Shopify store using...

Posted 26 months ago   by irishbug Latest reply: excelify 05/15/2018 Views:3223 Replies:13


Hi everyone  I'm a new banggood-ebay dropshipper, I need help about how to dropship from banggood to ebay with...

Posted 7 months ago   by nizar86 Latest reply: SUSANTSAI 05/10/2018 Views:101 Replies:1
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