Affiliate income just stopped

Hello. My affiliate sales just stopped. I had stable daily sales, and then two days ago, it just stopped....

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Problems with the new point sale tracking system not recording and showing all the sales and

So I have been realizing that this new design on the affiliate tracking system is not working properly. Is not showing...

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Banggood's eBay API now open for every dropshipper!

Hello every dropshiper , Banggood dropship team had successfully developed Ebay API for Ebay reseller.From our eBay API, dropshiper can...

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VIP level disappeared.

Why has my VIP level (which was approaching 5) suddenly disappeared?

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Banggood Affiliate Program--Tools Using Guidance and Coupons Update!

Hey guys, Do you want to earn extra money in your spare time? Do you want...

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Calendar/Affiliate incentive plan problem

According to affiliate incentive plan for 2017 we have to manually track our quarter sales and email you in order...

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Affiliate points

Yesterday, my Affiliate points was 56. Today, shows only 33. Please tell me why the missing 23 points. By the...

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How to be a Banggood dropshipper to enjoy more awesome discount and benifit

To all Already a dropshipper? Want to start a busniness? Join Banggood dropshipping for free! If you...

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Clicks on Affiliate Links

1. Tìm ra được đội trưởng mới Sự ra đi của Rooney đồng nghĩa với việc Quỷ đỏ sẽ chưa thể...

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