Affiliate tab dissapeared

Affiliate tab dissapeared how to cancel my drop shiping account //// thank you

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Banggood Affiliate’s New Commission Structure--Earn More From Now On!

We are introducing a new commission structure for all Banggood affiliates. From Nov 7, commission...

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Banggood Affiliate Program--Tools Using Guidance and Coupons Update!

Hey guys, Do you want to earn extra money in your spare time? Do you want...

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Affiliate tab dissapeared

Hello my affiliate tab disappeared from my account I had 10300+$ on sales almost 50000points pending and around 28$active points...

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Tips To Start A Business

If you are think of starting a business, here are some tips might be of use for you to start...

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New string On links reset and delete Affiliate code. This new string ?rmmds=category&cur_warehouse=CN

Hello Is been like a week that I noticed that all the links now show this new string at the end...

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Withdrawal, no longer bank accounts

Just received a message you don't accept bank account withdrawal anymore. That's a huge bummer, PayPal costs 3.4% and western...

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Affiliate income just stopped

Hello. My affiliate sales just stopped. I had stable daily sales, and then two days ago, it just stopped....

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Banggood Stickers

Hello, Is it possible to get free Banggood stickers ? Thank's

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