Clicks on Affiliate Links

How do I know or keep tracks of clicks on Affiliate links(within contents) posted on my blog.

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YouTube Promotion

How to get product for review for my YouTube channel?

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What tool can I use to import Banggood Products to my eBay & Shopify store?

Is anybody do drop ship?

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il programma di Partenariato è davvero una buona occasione per chiunque volle aumentare i propri profitti

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Chrome extension for Banggood affiliates - Referral link generator

Hello everybody I created small chrome extension that makes creation of referral links a lot easier. You can download it from...

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Banggood Jump error! NOT RUN ON MY PHONE

Dear Bangood! I cant try the bangood jump app. I clicked, pop up the loading...

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Problems with the new point sale tracking system not recording and showing all the sales and

So I have been realizing that this new design on the affiliate tracking system is not working properly. Is not showing...

Posted 12 days ago   by RCSkies Latest reply: jessicajung 08/19/2017 Views:135 Replies:2

Affiliate income just stopped

Hello. My affiliate sales just stopped. I had stable daily sales, and then two days ago, it just stopped....

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Happy 11th Birthday, Banggood!--2017 Anniversary Affiliates Celebration

Happy 11th Birthday, Banggood! Banggod 2017 Anniversary Celebration will last for 72 hours (Sep.7 to Sep.9), and there will be...

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