Finding my size shoe

I wear a size 12 shoe.  Does Banggood have anything in my size/  There is a model on the New...

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Shoe Sizes

It's early in the morning, and I'm browsing the catalog in Banggood. Then, I see in my suggestions some...

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Where is my order

Ordered in Feb.. Not happy

Posted 38 months ago   by Leanne kenning Latest reply: fairytale 03/21/2017 Views:1184 Replies:6

How to Find Your Best Running Shoes

It is not easy to find a pair of comfortable footwear. There is a certain scientific basis for your...

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Plus Size Spring Clothing Collection! Welcome Click!

Hi ladies, welcome to the Banggood forum fashion discuss section. Today I collect plus size spring...

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Top 10 Most Popular Dresses in Banggood

Hi ladies, welcome to the Banggood forum fashion discuss section.Today I collect the top 10 most popular dresses for you....

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mistaken shipping delivery

 i buy more than 10 item , my shipping addres is Bali Bali Poblacion , and Bangood keep send the...

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Hi to all of you who visit the forum

Hello everyone I just tell hersatisfaction about BangoodThis is serious thanks to all

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Looking for t-shirt design tool

Hello Everyone, I have an online store and I want to integrate online t-shirt design tool in my website...

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