Banggood Order Tracking: Common Problems And Solutions

    The most recent edition of this page is available here 01. Why does my tracking number show...

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    FORUM CLOSED - For order help please contact us

    Want help? Go to our contact us page and choose, from our options of live chat, phone, email,...

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    Banggood Csevice Quickest Way to Get Help For Different Situations

    Before contacting us for help, check these for instant answers. Is your order taking longer than expected to...

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    No: 48501035 it stops recordimg before we press

    No: 48501035  it stops recordimg before we press the button there is enough space on sd and its charged...

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    Prezados Boa tarde! Tenho um pedido 50437474 que tem como método de envio...

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    No: 48499025 one of the buttons isnt working what should we do?

    No: 48499025  one of the buttons isnt working what should we do?

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    How do I stop Banggood emails????

    I have unsubscribed via the link in the emails over and over, but I still get the emails! How...

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    Combine all orders in one package

    Hello Banggood, How can I make a combine shipping? Because I noticed that you offer to split each items...

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    Order Shipped with Tracking Number - No Status

    Hi, My order have been shipped last week with tracking number in this format...

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