Banggood Csevice Quickest Way to Get Help For Different Situations

    01. Haven`t received your order, expected delivery time expired Track your order on “My account”-if...

    Posted 17 months ago   by Dony Latest reply: shariharaniyer 08/23/2017 Views:19826 Replies:163

    Banggood Order Tracking: Common Problems And Solutions

    01. Why does my tracking number show "Not Found"? How long does it take to update the tracking info? For Air...

    Posted 13 months ago   by Dony Latest reply: Lucas708 08/22/2017 Views:48888 Replies:837

    About shipping

    Hello there,i would like to buy this mobile,could you tell if you can to send me with ''Priority Line'' ...

    Posted 17 hours ago   by xdimension Latest reply: Heloise 08/23/2017 Views:15 Replies:2

    Back Order Status ?

    I made payment several days ago. What does "Back Order" in status of order ?

    Posted 15 hours ago   by budybemail Latest reply: Heloise 08/23/2017 Views:7 Replies:1

    Phone availability

    When the phone is in stock?                            ...

    Posted 18 hours ago   by key2 Latest reply: Gloria 08/23/2017 Views:8 Replies:1

    order 33537542

    Boa Noite Amigo segue Ordem 33537542 devido a tributação alta no brasil peço que declare na encomenda no...

    Posted 10 hours ago   by Jubaloko Latest reply: Janet 08/23/2017 Views:6 Replies:1

    what about warranty for this product?

    Less than a year of use. Nothing extraordinary. Died. Input power short circuit. What to do?

    Posted 1 month ago   by mike_y_k Latest reply: Lucas708 08/23/2017 Views:87 Replies:8

    india shipping

    can you ship it to India?

    Posted 12 hours ago   by sarthak vats Latest reply: Janet 08/23/2017 Views:6 Replies:1

    pagou quanto de taxa

    pagou quanto de taxa amigo?

    Posted 13 hours ago   by juniorestrela Latest reply: Janet 08/23/2017 Views:5 Replies:1
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