Banggood Order Tracking: Common Problems And Solutions

    01. Why does my tracking number show "Not Found"? How long does it take to update the tracking info? For Air...

    Posted 16 months ago   by Dony Latest reply: dprasadp 11/20/2017 Views:64586 Replies:1148

    Banggood Csevice Quickest Way to Get Help For Different Situations

    Before contacting us for help, check these for instant answers. Is your order taking longer than expected to arrive? Check your...

    Posted 20 months ago   by Dony Latest reply: Gloria 11/15/2017 Views:23413 Replies:207

    I made a mistake doing this order

    I have ordered the wrong item. Please help me to cancel it because the app say me "transaction amount error"

    Posted 55 minutes ago   by AlessandroD Views:5 Replies:0

    Producto agotado

    Mi orden 18143301 ya pague por el producto pero ahora me dice el estatus que esta agotado. Mi pregunta es...

    Posted 14 months ago   by Edgesolis Latest reply: azuniga 11/20/2017 Views:2244 Replies:76

    Cannot request refund, item is still in processing but message is "can't refund"

    Hello I wish to request a refund on the item: Product ID: 1042642 with Order No: 39232379. The item status...

    Posted 3 hours ago   by Astound Latest reply: Astound 11/20/2017 Views:24 Replies:3

    producto agotado

    mi numero de pedido es 38402838 cuando se enviara mi pedido ?

    Posted 5 days ago   by Oswaldo Ayala Latest reply: Oswaldo Ayala 11/20/2017 Views:20 Replies:2

    Cancel Order

    Hi I'm just posting here so a customer service rep sees it quickly. ...

    Posted 59 months ago   by jamesporter Latest reply: Filip 11/20/2017 Views:61710 Replies:1981

    no me llegaron los pedidos

    de los 11 pedidos realizados solo recibi 1 son estafadores y lo peor que no hay como reclamar

    Posted 57 months ago   by juando Latest reply: Freddy Valdebenito 11/20/2017 Views:37443 Replies:942

    Puta página culera!!

    Ya pasaron 10 días y no me actualizan mi seguimiento!!! Si no llega los primero días acordados pediré mi reembolso!!!

    Posted 3 hours ago   by janxd24 Views:7 Replies:0
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