Auto leveling

Hello, Does anyone has an experience adding an auto leveling to this printer, and what parts to use? Thank you,...

Posted 1 hours ago   by PetrMetlicka Views:2 Replies:0

Miracast and AirPlay?

Is that TV box supporting Miracast and AirPlay?

Posted 19 hours ago   by Latest reply: 02/17/2019 Views:2 Replies:2

Wiring diagram is not readable

I cant read the wiring diagram as the printing is so low quality and there is no labeling on the...

Posted 1 day ago   by Mark Views:7 Replies:0

sd card not working

i tried everything but the sd card isnt being recognized. tried 3 sd card, formatted them as well

Posted 1 day ago   by rennannance Views:6 Replies:0

global rom

hi, does it really contains global rom,so i can use native arabic language ??

Posted 2 days ago   by Views:3 Replies:0

broken on delivery

hi your "contact us" doesn't work. received my package today and the dispenser is broken into pieces. please let me...

Posted 3 days ago   by Oscar Views:9 Replies:0

Metal axles

does it have the metal axles?

Posted 3 days ago   by ahousini777 Views:16 Replies:0

duvida funcionamento

Comprei a pouco tempo porem não consegui cadastrar novas tag's seguindo o manual, há 3 manuais no link porem alguns...

Posted 3 days ago   by Leandro Views:5 Replies:0

question about the item

Does this come with the attachment in the photographs? As pictured? Including in the parcel?

Posted 3 days ago   by fatimaezzahrawork Views:27 Replies:0

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