BB-M2 APP Instruction

How to download the app ? 1. Here is a download to you : click this link,...

Posted 5 months ago   by Jude_z Latest reply: PROLINKer 05/04/2017 Views:7961 Replies:49

blheli-s firmware ?

which target for upgrades thx

Posted 5 days ago   by stevierides Latest reply: Jeane Lin 05/23/2017 Views:6 Replies:1

stock le max 2 x829

will it never be in stock again?

Posted 20 hours ago   by Louie Latest reply: Annie 05/23/2017 Views:5 Replies:1

Is it Global version?

will this phone work in India?

Posted 23 hours ago   by srihoney Latest reply: Annie 05/23/2017 Views:2 Replies:1

How many pieces are currently in stock?

How many pieces are currently in the warehouse?

Posted 5 days ago   by Lever Latest reply: Jeane Lin 05/23/2017 Views:5 Replies:1

This bag fit for H501S?

Hi would like to know if this bag fit for H501S kindly reply before I make the purchase thank you Lim

Posted 2 days ago   by BernardLim Latest reply: Emily 05/23/2017 Views:7 Replies:1

send of product

What is the forecast of sending the product

Posted 5 days ago   by Maiko Oliveira Latest reply: Annie 05/23/2017 Views:6 Replies:1

Power pins ?

Where do I wire the input power (1s) ?  Same pad of RCIN ?

Posted 38 minutes ago   by giusyus Latest reply: MrPlocki 05/23/2017 Views:8 Replies:1


Hi I recieved my supply but the outpout voltage is 24v instead of 12v... Do you have any idea why?...

Posted 7 days ago   by Latest reply: Yoyo Yao 05/23/2017 Views:7 Replies:1
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