how much power does it use for cleaning?

Posted 51 months ago   by Bo Radmer Latest reply: ZoomZ 02/21/2020 Views:396 Replies:1


does it have a driver build in?

Posted 51 months ago   by Bo Radmer Latest reply: ZoomZ 02/21/2020 Views:461 Replies:1

Dotbit Brand?

Can you confirm that is made by dotbit? Thank you.

Posted 51 months ago   by Lucard Views:450 Replies:0

How many lumens/ft output?

I'm looking for a stript that is very bright. Can you share with me how many lumens per foot or...

Posted 51 months ago   by nveer Views:453 Replies:0

camera power

how is this camera powered? batteries or plug in ?

Posted 52 months ago   by Rsb Latest reply: ZoomZ 02/16/2020 Views:349 Replies:1

App per iOS?

ma l’app per iOS esiste? Nell’app store italiano non sono riuscito a trovarlo e il codice QR nelle istruzioni non...

Posted 52 months ago   by morpheus84 Latest reply: ZoomZ 02/16/2020 Views:391 Replies:1

Can you dim the screen light? if don’t, is it very bright at night? cheers!

screen, dim, bright

Posted 52 months ago   by peterpanda1970 Latest reply: ZoomZ 02/16/2020 Views:6416 Replies:1

gateway or not

can it work without the gateway?

Posted 52 months ago   by geokyr Latest reply: geokyr 02/15/2020 Views:383 Replies:1

EU adapter

Hello, can you deliver this with an EU adapter

Posted 52 months ago   by MamaQueenz Views:354 Replies:0

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