BB-M2 APP Instruction

How to download the app ? 1. Here is a download to you : click this link,...

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does this mic when install to quad can also record audio sound to the dvr in to my goggles?

Posted 5 days ago   by Prince Kiel Latest reply: Jessica 05/23/2017 Views:6 Replies:1

Any way to bind it to a FSi6 TX?

Any way to bind it to a FSi6 TX? I own a FSi6 TX, is there a version combatible with...

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quad core procesor

hello is this device with single procesor or it is with quad core?

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jxd singularity

oi eu queria saber se esse console faz streaming com o pc com placa de video nvidia

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hola . tienes el auricular en color rojo ?

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Color and Quality

Hello there, I was looking at the pictures of the three colors and noticed there is a lime green color....

Posted 4 days ago   by Michie Latest reply: Nicole Chen 05/23/2017 Views:2 Replies:1

Anyone else having quality control Issues?

The ones I have that have the hollow shaft (IE: the new ones) all run great and hold up...

Posted 5 days ago   by Sam Latest reply: Jessica 05/23/2017 Views:7 Replies:1

Duvida - uso

Serve em uma motocicleta  ?

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