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j'ai acheté un smartphone Ulefone et après six mois l'ecran se décolle. En effet la batterie a gonflé et...

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LeTV LeEco Le Max 2 X829

Alguem poderia me informar se o LeTV LeEco Le Max 2 X829 ja vem com película de...

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MI LAPTOP Regarding

Wanna buy a MI laptop...Can I get English Version of Windows 10..If possible please tell me how to get it...

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indioma brasil br

Saber se tem indioma portugues brasil

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Romoss Power Bank Charging Time

i want to buy Romoss Power Bank 10400mAh from Banggood but i have not any credit card and not any...

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My lenovo ZUK Z2 PRO fell in the salty water and will not power on

Does anyone know how to get a repair sign for him there in China? Can someone help me?...

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Vphone S8 weather app

All of a sudden the wether app stopped syncing. So no actual weather and location anymore. Tried...

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Has anyone purchased a set of headphones which has a metal head band

Hi.  I'm searching for a Bluetooth enabled set of headphones which has a metal headband.  I've invested over $300...

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