confirm delivery

why it shown confirm delivery but i didnot receive my doogee mix. my order30481966

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Parceria banggood

Hello I'm from Rehsenha blog, and I came here because I would like to make an advertising partnership with your...

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For what reason Bnggood blocked my payments?

Over 4 months I spent on Bangood 1700 euro approximately. Yesterday I made 4 orders (were in sotck) then appeared...

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[Atualização] Reembolso de Entregas Recusadas no Brasil

Estamos preparando uma atualização na nossa política de Reembolso para Entregas de Pedidos Recusadas no Brasil devido à incidência de...

Posted 19 months ago   by Cappello Latest reply: Nathalia 06/29/2018 Views:9900 Replies:105

Shipping lithium ion containing products to South Africa

Hello I am aware that there are restrictions on items containing batteries. Can things like...

Posted 20 months ago   by Assassin9909 Latest reply: RaymondvWyk 06/28/2018 Views:249 Replies:2

Shippment UNTRACKED???

Hello, my Onda v975w (Order No. 3410068) was sent, according to the web page, on monday 27th, but there's...

Posted 50 months ago   by iditarod Latest reply: favs 06/28/2018 Views:14004 Replies:111

Stop using TNT

I will not use you any more if you don't stop using TNT. I get deklaration fee's there is to...

Posted 12 months ago   by ertro Latest reply: Jason 06/27/2018 Views:477 Replies:14

"Invalid transaction, please try again later."

Hi, I try to buy some products with paypal since yesterday, but the transaction failed, I have the message "Invalid...

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We Have Changed Product SKU to Product ID

{Updated on 5th January}Hi guys, we have changed product SKU to product ID.Search...

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