Hola, he hecho un pedido de varios artículos, aún no he recibido ninguno, pero uno de ellos veo que aún...

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How to delete my account

Hello, how can i delete my account? I am not using this website anymore. And...

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Aosenma cgo35

Bonjour comment remettre le firware sur mon drone Mon pc ne le reconnait plus

Posted 13 hours ago   by David Martle Latest reply: David Martle 01/20/2018 Views:58 Replies:1

Currency choice on the site saved, but it is never remebered.

I log on to Banggood.  Since i always choose english as language, and i always choose NOK as currency, why...

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What Do You Think Of The New Banggood?

It’s been a long time in the making and some of us have not slept for weeks but here it is, Banggood's all new website has finally officially arrived!!!

Posted 39 months ago   by SunnyBG Latest reply: Toroa 01/20/2018 Views:33898 Replies:538

Where is my order?

Hello, i paid for fast shippin (14 days max)  order num 41304717 its been 17...

Posted 10 days ago   by Shon Bar Latest reply: chocksaway 01/20/2018 Views:49 Replies:1

Why doesn't Banggood provide shipping method: India Direct Mail for all items ?

Items shipped with Shipping Method - India Direct Mail : 1) Are delivered very quickly, within 10 days. 2) Shipments...

Posted 11 days ago   by goodbang Latest reply: chocksaway 01/20/2018 Views:60 Replies:2


WARNING,  If you intend to change ISPs or maybe email addresses, make sure you do it ASAP. BangGood's email changing...

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Defective flashlight

I bought an Imalent DN70 flashlight in October 2017.  It stopped working within 2 days. I have...

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