FORUM CLOSED - We Have Now Closed Down The Forum!!

We are phasing out the forum section of Banggoods empire, we have already removed access to the forum from the...

Posted 8 months ago   by Admin Latest reply: Mickel Clark 11/23/2018 Views:15061 Replies:21

what is mysterious European Direct Mail???

I just saw like maybe 3 days ago this new type of shipping. Did try to ask on live chat...

Posted 13 months ago   by leszek Latest reply: BMW325TI 12/12/2018 Views:86414 Replies:350

Why is the name D.J.I "FORBIDDEN CONTENT"

I attempted to post the a comment on another thread, but I was greeted with a warning telling me something...

Posted 13 months ago   by chocksaway Latest reply: UsianBolt 12/10/2018 Views:445 Replies:5

how can I get review unit from Bang Good .

how many subscribers required on youtube channel to get review product frmo bang good. and can I apply for it?

Posted 12 months ago   by ansu4b Latest reply: ctech1699 12/08/2018 Views:769 Replies:2

Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST converter

Best Mac Windows Live Mail to PST Converter Software will take very less time and convert the entire folder of...

Posted 6 days ago   by kinley Latest reply: allyson 12/07/2018 Views:29 Replies:1

Item return problem

Dear BANGGOOD,Short story: I bought a laptop on September 11th and I received the laptop with multiple dead pixels. As discussed with BANGGOOD...

Posted 7 days ago   by MithrasX Latest reply: MithrasX 12/06/2018 Views:31 Replies:1

'shipped' does not mean shipped (its official) SURPRISE!

Well, I just had it confirmed what I sorta knew all along, as it comes out in the tracking, eventually...

Posted 9 months ago   by sil5er Latest reply: sil5er 12/05/2018 Views:199 Replies:3

Compras abaixo de US$ 100 são isentas de tributação?

Oi pessoal! Olha só que boa notícia incrível para a gente que adora fazer nossas compras da China: ...

Posted 30 months ago   by Cappello Latest reply: 12/02/2018 Views:8435 Replies:10

Order #254654 meaning of "contact customer"

I made payment on 30th jan and im eagerly waiting till its shipped. I read the order status as:...

Posted 71 months ago   by ruwan Latest reply: 12/01/2018 Views:7537 Replies:35
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