FORUM CLOSED - We Have Now Closed Down The Forum!!

We are phasing out the forum section of Banggoods empire, we have already removed access to the forum from the...

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Prices from UK Warehouses are including VAT?

Hi, everyone Are you confused about VAT in UK warehouse. If you order in Banggood's...

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Issues with European Direct mail, when is Banggood going to give us some info...

There are different topics on the subject already, from which 1 already contains 115 posts ( It is clear that...

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Hacked Credit Card

Seems I'm a parade.  This is the 3rd time my credit card got hacked after purchasing from this form.  No...

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Where to change email address?

I feel I am going mad - I cant see where to change my email address!

Posted 27 months ago   by Hazara Latest reply: Ulipi 10/13/2018 Views:3368 Replies:24

Package lost?

Order n 1872598 I still don't receive the item and it's been a month. ...

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cuánto tiempo tarda en llegar el pedido?

en cuantos días llegaría el pedido? ---------- Clique aqui para solicitar seu acesso.

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question about the new Southeast Asia Direct Mail shipping option (destination Philippines)

While browsing around, I notice a new shipping option available for my location (Philippines), which is "Southeast Asia Direct Mail"....

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Get your free item for review now!

Here is how to get free review items:

Watch the video...

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