no tracking number ????

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Post on April 21,2017 09:30#1

my (Order No. 27301537 , 27300075 , 27300074 ) was sent, according to the web page, Apr 19 2017, but there's no track number shown.

My shipping method is ARAMEX Direct Mail, which is supposed to delivery in 5-10 days

Why don't I have the track number yet?

I've payed an EXTRA amount of money to have my order 5-10 days, but I really expect that you meet the dates which are promised on the website, given that I payed extra shipment cost because I need it by the time it's supposed to arrive. If this problem continues then I will not use Aramex Direct mail on my other orders no tracking number ???? . I request Banggood team to send this mail copy to Aramex Direct Mail Service and let them know what kind of problem customer are facing, and if this problem is with the banggood team then please resolve this kind of issues as soon as possible.

Thank you

Rajkumar, India

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Post on April 21,2017 11:33#2

And the rest that we have track. no. what is the point? after 5 days and the track. no that show is not respond. very dissapointing first with BG.

Order No. 27060911

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Post on April 21,2017 19:23#3

Sorry about your trouble.. I have the exact same problem and it's with a big ticket item, I am furious!


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Post on April 21,2017 23:35#4
i was expecting reply from banggood team, 3 items with big amount, until and unless this issue clears I will hold my another purchase from
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