Top 12 Popular Quadcopters For Beginners

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Top 12 Popular Quadcopters For Beginners

No matter if you’re new to quadcopters or looking for some easy and safe RC toys to play for your kids,

you will have such a problem of choosing a right quadcopter from thousands of options.

With so many different models out there, shopping for a toy drone can be quite a daunting task.

Here we have made a list of some of the most popular quadcopters for beginner to help with your shopping decisions.

Drones For Beginners

Every quadcopter in this collection have been selected based on how suitable they are for RC beginners.

All of them are ready-to-fly models which means they are designed to have everything needed to fly right out of the box.

They don`t require any RC knowledge to operate them.

Most of the selected drones are very cheap, less than $20.

And they are mini, which means they can`t be powerful enough to get anyone hurt.

It`s safe for the kids to fly them. Even they may break it easily, it won`t be a big loss.

Check the collection now.

Drone Review

Here is a review of the Cheerson-CX10WD, the most popular mini quadcopter for a long time.

Other Collections

We collected the top 10 most popular quadcopters previously.

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Post on March 22,2017 11:09#2
I have flown a few, although not all, of the 12 quadcopters in your list. My pick as best for beginners is the H8 Mini (not the H8S mini). This is quite a bit larger than the smallest ones such as the Cheerson 10 family. Because of this it is easier to see and that makes it much better for beginners. The white version is easier to see than the black one. Another really big advantage it has is that it has a removable battery, so you can have a stock of batteries and fly without having to wait for an internal battery to charge. There are a number of other advantages, but the best place to find detailed reviews of quadcopters is rcgroups dot com or Youtube.
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Post on March 28,2017 09:02#3

I have tried most but not all of the ones on the list. I can confirm the h8 is a good beginner buy. If you wish to change the firmware you can, and make it more tunable. 

but for my money I have to recommend the Eachine e010. You can convert it to a whoop or put a beecore board on it so easily. I wish I would have started with the e010 because it's much friendlier to indoor flight as well.

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