New purchase Aosenma cg035 drone not working

Hi I have received my aosenma cg035 drone and set it up. However it has a...

Posted 4 days ago   by Athos Latest reply: Athos 02/22/2017 Views:96 Replies:4

Lost with new drone and and no help from BG.

Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to drone racing as well as drones in general but really enjoying it! I just...

Posted 2 days ago   by KellzBellz Latest reply: KellzBellz 02/21/2017 Views:56 Replies:2

FPV system

Is the video signal output in micro usb there? I wish I install it on Gimbal

Posted 2 days ago   by rezaciw Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/21/2017 Views:36 Replies:1

WLToysF 939 won't ascend

This small nippy micro plane with the 3-/6axis-gyro needs explanations. Unfortunately I recognized a serious problem with the elevator. It...

Posted 4 days ago   by Turbo Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/19/2017 Views:45 Replies:1

Such a falcon which is good for 120, and 4s Battery + Charger.

Where can I buy a Falcon 120 to?

Posted 5 days ago   by Vikike Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/19/2017 Views:44 Replies:1

Hubsan x4PRO 109S

Anyone know what is the safe altitude for the return home feature in this quad copter..Also can it be changed...

Posted 6 days ago   by ODIE Latest reply: ODIE 02/19/2017 Views:85 Replies:2

Banggood Support Team

The following is a summary of my dealings with Banggood support. I know that this will be censored by...

Posted 13 days ago   by wananaka Latest reply: juanjon 02/19/2017 Views:190 Replies:7

no more Lipo batteries to Germany????

Living in Germany I noticed that all Lipo batteries are marked as sold out. This seems hardly feasable. I suspect...

Posted 6 days ago   by baron Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/17/2017 Views:89 Replies:1

Spare parts Kingkong 90GT.

Can't find prop protectors for the 90GT Is there anybody wo sell?

Posted 6 days ago   by Ariebaas Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/17/2017 Views:70 Replies:1
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