Sky Surfer and Firefly 6s

Here is my video flying with Sky Surfer 1400mm Firefly 6s cam Both from banggood. I get about 70 mins...

Posted 1 day ago   by Volition Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/29/2017 Views:32 Replies:1

WLToysF 939 won't ascend

This small nippy micro plane with the 3-/6axis-gyro needs explanations. Unfortunately I recognized a serious problem with the elevator. It...

Posted 1 month ago   by Turbo Latest reply: Turbo 03/27/2017 Views:278 Replies:9

bayangtoys x 16 hold altitude

o drone bayangtoys x 16 tem um ótimo desenvolvimento muito resistente ao vento estável com muita agilidade referente a resposta...

Posted 5 days ago   by celos Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/26/2017 Views:31 Replies:1

WLtoys A959-B 1/18 UPGRADE PARTS

i am getting the  WLtoys A959-B 1/18 4WD Buggy Off Road RC Car 70km/h i will be...

Posted 5 days ago   by spartanarts Latest reply: Daniel 03/26/2017 Views:41 Replies:1

Aosenma CG035 GPS not locking, but sees 15 sats

Can see:

Posted 12 days ago   by Scott Latest reply: Scott 03/26/2017 Views:126 Replies:5

Test Review Cheerson CX-10WD Mini Wifi FPV Quadcopter

If you are looking for a cool FPV drone toy that is affordable then this is the one, Cheerson CX-10WD...

Posted 5 months ago   by Ali_Lucio_Z Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/26/2017 Views:150 Replies:2

Eachine Aurora 100 motor already blown out!?

Hello BG, I purchased a Aurora 100 and flew it a few times, thing flew great! the Brushless is soooo...

Posted 8 days ago   by jeffdstein Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/22/2017 Views:135 Replies:1

CG035 Propellers are not Working

Hello, the cg035 delivered to me has a problem, both propeller in the front is malfunctioning, i have received it...

Posted 1 month ago   by Ronnel Latest reply: Comtech 03/21/2017 Views:83 Replies:3

979b Stripped reduction gear problem.

Hi I have two 979b wltoys cars that both have stripped the reduction gear. One on its 5th run...

Posted 11 days ago   by Bonsai_Master Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/19/2017 Views:24 Replies:1
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