Why nobody reacts?

Since February 22, I solves the problem of defective goods, and I am very unhappy with your approach to the...

Posted 7 hours ago   by Atmel Latest reply: Superhobel 03/29/2017 Views:38 Replies:1

WebMoney payment is not working

I can not pay my bills with WebMoney ! What this error means ?

Posted 1 day ago   by RayV977 Latest reply: RayV977 03/29/2017 Views:82 Replies:3

Términos abusivos / Abusive Terms

Hola, ustedes se han pasado con los términos a la hora de integrar videos en su web: “Concede una licencia irrevocable,...

Posted 13 hours ago   by angelramos Views:18 Replies:0

Free Trial phone number entry.

Hi fellow Bannggooders, I am having problems with the Free Trial entry, when I try to enter my phone number...

Posted 1 day ago   by Glennabilly Latest reply: Glennabilly 03/29/2017 Views:43 Replies:2

Where is the VIP page hiding?

I've been searching for an hour and can't even find a link to it.  PLEASE can someone help me before...

Posted 21 hours ago   by chocksaway Latest reply: chocksaway 03/29/2017 Views:38 Replies:2

can I just say something?

I frigging love BG. I was deeply skeptical at first, having been through many other similar sites, and for a...

Posted 1 day ago   by markio Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/29/2017 Views:67 Replies:3

Is there any specific threat for GUN lovers and shooters?

Hi, I am a shooter and would like to look in for some tools and...

Posted 1 day ago   by Srini Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/29/2017 Views:51 Replies:2

defective tablet, received 5 days ago, still no resolution from banggood

Has anyone ever successfully got a replacement from banggood? I received my Chuwi hi12 tablet 5 days ago and the screen...

Posted 4 days ago   by mychalme Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 03/29/2017 Views:148 Replies:5

Banggood New Update for Shipping Rules For Batteries

Hi guys, batteries are restricted for security reasons.

Posted 12 months ago   by Ali_Lucio_Z Latest reply: otsifem 03/28/2017 Views:7895 Replies:55
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