Whats going on with Banggood delivery times?

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but there seems to be an issue with deliveries taking far...

Posted 24 days ago   by sneaky Latest reply: wizard vader 02/22/2017 Views:603 Replies:27

Extremely fast shipping service with ePacket.

I am very glad and happy that banggood finally uses ePacket service to ship product to North American. It...

Posted 3 hours ago   by lavith Views:8 Replies:0

Low Temperature Stirling Engine bad packaging

I received a Sterling Engine that was really damaged in shipping.  Order Number: 23679486  The packaging...

Posted 1 day ago   by Toroa Latest reply: Toroa 02/22/2017 Views:48 Replies:3

$15 .00OFF VIP Birthday Gift Coupon

I have 2 VIP Birthday Gift Coupon which expire on Feb 27 2017 On what sort of products can...

Posted 10 days ago   by LARNEMAN Latest reply: magicwok 02/22/2017 Views:136 Replies:5

Order Shipped with Tracking Number - No Status

Hi, My order have been shipped last week with tracking number in this format...

Posted 51 months ago   by phyro Latest reply: Nomatiti 02/22/2017 Views:173444 Replies:1257

Banggood New Update for Shipping Rules For Batteries

Hi guys, batteries are restricted for security reasons.

Posted 11 months ago   by Ali_Lucio_Z Latest reply: Renato 02/21/2017 Views:6952 Replies:52

Bang good no after sale service!

I have received a camera product of which is  (ref: 23646795) and was faulty after turning it on, after sent...

Posted 5 days ago   by mei Latest reply: Ali_Lucio_Z 02/21/2017 Views:162 Replies:4

Birthday coupon, where is it?

I just clicked on the button for the birthday coupon, but I can't see the coupon anywhere. Does this function not...

Posted 6 months ago   by Grimbert Latest reply: ProtoSpecs 02/20/2017 Views:4560 Replies:53

Need Help choosing or clarifying

Hi Guys  So i've been debating wich tablet to buy for some time now, but i have...

Posted 2 days ago   by Nengenheiro Views:29 Replies:0
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